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This simple and easy-to-read guide, by Alice Edgerton, will show you how to cook and provide quick healthy meals for your family without the stress of having to think "what are we having tonight?"

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Hi! I'm Alice Edgerton.

I've had a fulfilling 31-year career as a dental hygienist, but the physical toll of working long hours in patient care began impacting my health. I found myself not only dealing with neck and back issues but was finding myself tired all the time, suffering from consistent headaches, poor sleep, mental fog, and digestive issues.

Looking for a solution, I started researching the importance of whole foods and supplementation. I began to learn how simple changes to my diet and what I put in my body could start to dramatically change the way I felt.

As I began learning how to incorporate high fiber, high protein, low sugar foods into my everyday life through wonderful food recipes, I decided it was important for me to help others to learn how simple changes in their diet can create a whole new life.

So I started my own website where I provide daily recipes, free training, and advice in the areas of overall good health and nutrition, and I authored "Thriving to Healthy Recipes", which you can find out more about on this page.

Here's What Some Have Said About Alice...

Alice Edgerton truly cares about her health, as well as that of her family and friends. 11 months ago she helped change my family's life. She introduced us to a new easy health regimen that my husband and I can't live without because of the regimen's amazing results. My husband and I both feel great from the inside out! On the inside, our nutritional needs are being met, our indigestion issues are gone, and we're sleeping better at night. On the outside we have more energy and are able to focus throughout the day without reverting back towards energy drinks and pre-workouts. We're grateful for Alice's love towards us and her advice, it has caused us to be healthier and live fuller lives!

Christi Bertelson​
Christi Bertelson​

Alice displays a passionate, professional, and one-of-kind attitude when she is guiding me through my life journey. She's detailed and consistent in her message, which helps me better understand my true purpose and pursue my dreams. In areas where I may lose my focus, Alice is there to help me readjust my vision to achieve my goals quicker. Her philosophies in life are truthful and effective and her words will undoubtedly help any individual achieve their dreams. I highly recommend Alice for any of your life goals, including your health!

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
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