About Alice

If you could take a snapshot of your own life story . . .

Don't you wish that "increased energy" were in the picture? Or less "mental fogginess"? Or how about this one--"more headache-free days"?

Oh, girlfriend, that was me not long ago. With frustration, weariness, and yes--real pain at times!--I knew that storyline well.

Hi, my name is Alice Edgerton, a dental hygienist for the past 30 years with “family” as my passion. My husband and I have been blessed with a wonderful blended family, which includes four grown children--two in their early 30’s and two in their early 20’s (plus, our oldest daughter and son-in-law are the parents of our two beautiful grandchildren).

Yes, life has been full! But in the last few years--as my children all sprouted “wings”--my thoughts began circling over a reoccurring theme:

"I never knew the 'empty nest' stage of life would feel like this."

I never expected the profound emotions or the realization that --in my heart--I would need to "redefine myself" and find new purpose.

I'd always hoped for more. And less!

More get-up-and-go. More vitality. Less digestive issues (you know it's true!). Less moodiness and feeling "at a loss."

The "menopause mania" had really set in. You know what I mean? If you've hit that stage, I know you do!

Can I give you some real hope, though? I've finally turned the page, written a new chapter, and let me tell you, it's titled, "Fabulous." And it's all about feeling more vibrant and more alive.

And, as my kids might say, "You seem so much healthier and happier, mom."

And that just makes me smile. I so wish I hadn't waited so long, though--hadn't gone through so much to finally reach this place of a "healthier and happier" me.

So here's exactly what happened:

In early 2015, when a friend introduced me to a "premium" nutritional
supplement that's all natural, I decided to try it—with a big dose of
skepticism thrown in. Still, I was ready for something--anything--to change.

After four weeks, much to my surprise (and delight), I'd regained my
energy, my headaches had subsided, and digestive issues were resolved.

I couldn’t believe it! And I say that literally. My skepticism was still digesting
all this. And so, like every discerning person might do, I put it to the test.

Yes, I stopped. Quit. Set it all aside.

Yes, “quitting” isn’t normally in my character, but I just had to be sure. And
lo’ and behold, rather quickly, it all came back!

The headaches. The mental fogginess. And oh, yes, that tired feeling like
you’re walking through quicksand. All back.

So, I guess you can figure out what I did next. I had to get the “new me”
back. And now, “all in,” I did just that, and am now living a healthy,happy
life--more perky, passionate, and pain-free.

And now that's the kind of life story I'd love to share with you.

Yes, that's the next exciting chapter, and it's being written as we speak. I want to be able to help you live life to the fullest and have fun doing it.

I want to provide guidance in making healthier food choices--focusing on individual nutrition--so you can be the best "you" possible.

That's a storyline filled with re-energized, "healthier and happier" days--for years to come. Won't you join me in writing that story for you?

Please contact me today at [email protected] or 757-342-1810, and let's discuss your needs and concerns. I'd love to help you see a truly vibrant "next chapter" taking shape--one you certainly don't want to miss.