10 Ways to Maximize Your Workout

Make the most out of your workout! It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight schedule and squeezing in a cardio quickie or heading to the gym decked out in sports gear, ready for a long sweat sesh. Either way, it’s important to care for your body in ways that improve your health and allow your system to get the most out of an exercise.

Oftentimes, a person’s workout game plan is only a few tweaks away from being much more effective. These expert tips will help you avoid injury, dodge post-workout exhaustion, and deliver real, lasting results. To enhance your exercise and reach your fitness goals, read up on these 10 Ways to Maximize Your Workout before you lace up!

10 ways to maximize your workout

1. Warm Up
Don’t shock your system by jumping right into an intense exercise! Instead, get your blood flowing and heart pumping by stretching your limbs and doing some moderate cardio. This will enhance muscle performance during your workout and reduce the likelihood of injury.

2. Plan Your Workout
Do you ever go to the gym and find yourself wandering around machines, wondering where to begin? This wastes precious time that you could devote to an effective workout. Set goals based on your time constraints and fitness level before beginning your exercise. If your goals are clear and laid out, you’re much more likely to reach them.

3. Gradually Build Up Intensity
To avoid huffing and puffing 2 minutes into your workout, begin with moderate activity and build up gradually as your body gets more comfortable. Not only will you exercise longer and dodge burnout, you’ll also avoid serious injuries down the road resulting from pushing yourself too hard.

4. Record Progress
Your body will adapt to your workouts, especially if you perform the same regime daily. Soon enough, you’ll stop seeing results as your system gets more and more comfortable with a familiar exercise. Keeping track of progress and your workout’s details will allow you to stay committed and crank up intensity over time. Grab a journal or jot down notes in your smartphone and increase those numbers when you feel ready!

5. Fuel up Beforehand
If you don’t eat before a workout, your blood sugar levels will plummet and your system might enter starvation mode. You’ll feel lightheaded and sluggish while exercising, jeopardize your workout goals, and trigger wear and tear on your body. Before sweating it out, grab something light and nutritious to boost energy levels and stabilize blood sugar.

6. Limit Workout Time
People assume that the longer they spend at the gym, the more effective their workout will be. Recent research has proven this theory wrong. 30-40 minute workouts are just as great, if not greater, than super long gym sessions. Cranking up intensity and shortening time yields amazing results.

7. Eat Protein
Protein deficiency can eat away at your muscles and endanger your workout goals, especially when it comes to strength training. The crucial molecule is necessary to maintain a sturdy system and rebuild muscle after a workout.

8. Don’t Be A Bore
Don’t torture yourself with a cardio workout you never look forward to. If stair master is your usual go-to but you cringe at the sight of it, branch out and befriend the treadmill or elliptical! If you dread an exercise, it’ll turn into a chore before you know it. Instead, choose one that challenges and excites you.